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Important notice!  We care about our animals and the quality of the foods they produce so we are very picky about what we feed our animals. For this reason, we do not feed commercially-mixed feeds, which often contain low-quality, lowest-cost raw materials and even "mystery ingredients" that are excluded from the labels. Instead, we mix our own recipe from whole foods, some of which are grown locally. We also consume our eggs and would never sell eggs we wouldn't serve to our own family. So rest assured, the eggs we sell are produced by healthy chickens fed a healthy diet. Please see this important article regarding commercially-mixed feeds and the possible link to recent local deaths and illnesses in chickens raised on these products:

We feed our chickens a healthy premium diet custom-mixed here at the farm.  We adjust the ration as needed, but it typically contains high-quality whole ingredients such as Palmer-grown oats grown by Bill Krostek and John Hett, alfalfa, brome, organic textured vegetable protein, ZinPro organic zinc and methionine complex, organic Alaskan fish bone meal from AlaskaSea-Ag, cracked corn, and minerals.  We are just beginning to slowly add back kelp meal, this time using organic Thorvin kelp, diatomaceous earth for added natural mineral content, soybean oil as a natural binder, Diamond V nutritional yeast, organic split green and yellow peas, and organic lentils. 

(Of note, although it is sold as a fertilizer and not a feed supplement, Mark Greig from AlaskaSea-Ag LLC told us that his fish bone meal product is made of "ground fish bones left from the fish meal process, vary[ing] with the season from Crab to Pollock to Cod to name a few." He added, "We make no additions. It is approved by USDA for organic use.")

We have been slowly cutting back on the fish bone meal and we discontinued the Palmer-grown barley from John Hett.  The chickens always have free-choice access to fresh water, grit, and oyster shell.  We also recycle their shells for refeeding, which helps ensures our hens are consuming healthy supplements produced at our own farm as well as controlling feed costs.  We believe that this wholesome diet and our attention to the quality of the raw materials in their feed spared us from the losses many others locally experienced during the recent commercial livestock feed scare.

Although they are provided with a coop and fenced yard, they are released daily to free range at will, always staying on our property and under our care.  Although rare, if any animal should become ill, it is isolated and treated until it is healthy again.  If it must be administered medication, it's eggs will not be included in our sales supply.  Thus our eggs are always free of hormones, antibiotics, and additives.  We have no need to vaccinate our chickens, so vaccines will not come through in the eggs either. 

Gorgeous George - Brown Leg Horn rooster Rocky - Japanese Bantam rooster 2008 Ameraucana hen Wanderlust - Rhode Island Red or Red Sexed Link hen

We raise several breeds of egg-laying, meat, and dual-purpose chickens including Araucanas/Ameraucanas, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Blue Cochins, Brahmas, Black Jersey Giants, Australorps, Dark Cornish, Partridge Rock, Barred Rocks, Andalusians, Cuckoo Marans, and more. We ran a string of 100 Freedom Rangers and were quite happy with them. Unfortunately, our supplier has retired and we did not hold any over because they do not breed true. We will look for another similar breed to replace our broiler stock in the near future, but for now, we are not offering a regular supply of meat chickens.

We wash and voluntarily candle and grade all of our eggs.  We weigh each dozen to classify them by size according to the industry guidelines.  We strive to sell Grade AA eggs.  We provide eggs direct to consumers in accordance with 11 AAC 32.170 (c).  Please note that all eggs sold in stores in Alaska, even "fresh" or "farm" eggs at the pet store or through a distributor, must be labeled, inspected, and graded in accordance with 11 AAC 32.110-160.

2007 Ameraucana hen with eggs 2009 eggs

Our egg-laying chickens provide high-quality eggs with shells of various shades of brown (from very light to very dark) and white. Some of our eggs are green or have brown or white speckles.  Farm-fresh eggs are available for purchase direct from the farm by appointment, but due to our schedule and our commitment to a bio-secure farm, we are offering sales off-site in two convenient locations.  We bring our eggs to our customers, by scheduled reservation to pre-set locations in Anchorage up to five days per week.  Please let us know your approximate location and preferred quantity and frequency and we will do our best to accommodate you.

While our eggs are top-notch for your human family, they are also exceptional supplements for your pets and livestock!  Whether you are feeding a natural or raw food diet or a more traditional commercial diet, these eggs are just the ticket to that extra bounce in their step and bloom on their coat.  They can be fed raw or cooked to your dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, horses, swine, and other pets and livestock!

Effective 1 January 2012, our prices for farm fresh eggs are:

$5.50/dozen extra large eggs (approximately 27-30 ounces per dozen) or $8.00/18 pack - our most popular and regularly available size

We also occasionally offer (depending on availability):
$6.00/dozen jumbo eggs (30 ounces or more per dozen)
$5.00/dozen large eggs or 18 small eggs (approximately 24-27 ounces per pack)
$4.50/dozen medium eggs (approximately 21-24 ounces per dozen)
All prices listed are for cash payments.

Please note: We work hard to keep our products affordable. Unfortunately, due to increasing costs and rising demand, we must introduce a modest price increase. We were able to hold off on the price increase that was originally slated for September 2009 until 2012.

We prefer to conduct our transactions with cash and we are always happy to provide a written receipt.  We can also accept payments made by check on future orders from trusted repeat customers.  We can also accept payments made by credit card or bank account via PayPal.  If you wish to use PayPal, please contact us in advance and allow us to invoice you with the correct charges. 

To ensure you get the eggs you need, please contact us early and be sure to join our customer list. Each season we offer a limited number of discounted subscriptions for weekly purchases (sold out for 2010).  If you would like to add your name to our customer list for farm-fresh eggs, please email us with your request.

Sorry, due to our commitment to bio-security and limited scheduling availability, we do not allow for regular pick-ups at the farm.

Allergic to chicken eggs? Want to try something different? We also have a limited, seasonal supply of turkey and duck eggs. Please inquire!

Did you know that hens benefit from consuming the shells of their eggs?  The calcium-rich shells help them build ber shells for the next eggs to appear.   It's all part of nature's recycling plan and you can help!  Returning shells helps keep our costs down too, as the hens then consume less oyster shell to meet their calcium needs.  If you would like to return your shells, just place them in a bag and bring them with you when you pick up your next dozen (please don't put them in an exchange carton).  We will bake them to sanitize, crush them, and feed them back to the flock.   Our hens will thank you!

We are currently planning to restart our flock after our relocation to Juneau. Please check back frequently for updates.

2007 Ameraucana chick 2007 Ameraucana chick 2007 Ameraucana chick


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