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Muscovy ducklings young Muscovy duck Muscovy ducklings Adult Muscovies

We have raised Muscovy and Pekin ducks.  Muscovies are a very special breed of duck that is known for it's large size (males can reach as much as 15 pounds when mature) and gourmet meat qualities.  It is also a wonderful pet duck that is both hardy and quiet.  Instead of quacking, most muscovies whistle, trill, or hiss.  Only purebred muscovies can reproduce and all other half-breeds are called "mules," typically bred only for meat.  We are planning to experiment with a particular kind of muscovy/pekin mule in the near future.

We feed our ducks a healthy premium diet custom-mixed here at the farm.  We adjust the ration as needed but it typically contains high-quality whole ingredients such as flax seed, black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS), locally grown barley and oats, sea salt, salmon meat, fat, and bone meal, kelp meal, brewer's yeast, rice bran, cracked corn, alfalfa, brome, and timothy.  They always have free-choice access to fresh, clean water and grit.   Although they are provided with a house and fenced yard, they often free range at will, always staying on our property and under our care.  Although rare, if any duck should become ill, it is isolated and treated until it is healthy again.  If it must be administered medication, it's eggs and meat will not be included in our sales supply.  Thus our duck eggs and meat are always free of hormones, antibiotics, and additives.

We are currently planning to restart our flock after our relocation to Juneau. Please check back frequently for updates.

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