's No Rest, Juneau, Alaska
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's No Rest
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For information on our goats, please visit our Fair Skies website.

2009 doeling Fair Skies WP ZSays Who?

It's kidding time! Are you watching our kidding schedule? 

We raise a very special breed of small goats known as Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  These goats are highly praised for their incredible production volumes of sweet, rich, creamy milk; their ease of milking; and their economical size, which is just perfect for a family's milk needs.  Additionally, they are a wonderful breed of goat that is personable and affordable to keep, making them both great production animals and companions.  For more information on our goats, please visit our Fair Skies website.

We do have plans to expand into other breeds in the future, including Nubians, Oberhaslis, Kinders, Alpines, and possibly Boers.  For now though, we are concentrating on these very special Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

Located at 's No Rest, Juneau, Alaska
Our mailing address is PO Box 22189, Juneau, Alaska 99802-2189

You may email us at: H.Fair@hotmail.com

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