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Last updated 11 March 2015

Important notice!  We care about our animals and the quality of the foods they produce so we are very picky about what we feed our animals. For this reason, we do not feed commercially-mixed feeds, which often contain low-quality, lowest-cost raw materials and even "mystery ingredients" that are excluded from the labels. Instead, we mix our own recipe from whole foods, many of which are grown locally. We also consume our eggs and would never sell eggs we wouldn't serve to our own family. So rest assured, the eggs we sell are produced by healthy chickens fed a healthy diet. Please see this important article regarding commercially-mixed feeds and the possible link to recent local deaths and illnesses in chickens raised on these products:

Welcome to our website!

Recently relocated to Juneau, Alaska, 'sNo Rest (formerly All I Saw Farm) is our home and our fledgling farm.  We were born and raised in Alaska and we are folks with a pioneer spirit and a can-do attitude.  We live "off-the-grid" on a solar power system and our unlimited operations defy all related stereotypes.  In fact, our visitors often remark on how they never expected one could live so well and be independent from the local utilities, on a solar system in Alaska no less!  We do welcome visitors but due to our schedule and our commitment to a bio-secure farm, we must insist upon appointments made in advance.  In case you are unable to visit us in person, we built this website to allow you a peek from the comfort of your own home.

Although we're still small enough to be considered in the hobby stage at this point, we have many hopeful ideas that we believe will contribute to building our community by feeding the resurgence of self-sufficiency and improving the availability of healthy whole foods.  We will also be trying some innovative approaches to bringing farm to family and we can't wait to share them with you!  We currently raise several breeds of egg-laying, meat, and dual-purpose chickens, muscovy ducks, tuscaurora (bourbon red) turkeys, and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  We also have horses, dogs, and cats as our pets.  Our livestock are our working partners and devoted companions and we are dedicated to their care and well-being.  We believe we have a responsibility to our animals, the soundness of their breeds, and the future of our related activities.  We strive to uphold the foundations of responsible breeding and to this end, we breed only our working livestock, not our pets.

We do have plans to expand our operations, with additions in the existing species as well as others such as rabbits, swine, and guineas.  This site is still under construction and we hope you'll return often to watch us grow.  We will be adding several more tidbits of information about the development of our farm and our plans for the coming years.  Welcome to our website.

Heather Fair
'sNo Rest
Juneau, Alaska

We are located at 's No Rest, Juneau, Alaska
Our mailing address is PO Box 22189, Juneau, Alaska 99802-2189

You may email us at: H.Fair@hotmail.com

Please note the current time in Alaska (we are 4 hours BEHIND the East Coast of the United States).

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